Daniel Merlin Goodbrey is an award-winning mini-comic artist and author. He's also a really funny bloke.

In October 2005 the _blacklibrary hosted Merlism - The Book of Merl. The event began with a two-day exhibition of Merl's work and then continued throughout October, updating the Altar of Merl with the daily strips of the Book of Merl hypercomic.

The Merlism exhibition: Brainfist on the walls (also available on Clickwheel), samples of Merl's print work on the stand at the front and the back wall devoted the Merl's Tarquin Engine actionscripts for Flash and the infinite canvas hypercomics.

The man himself turns up to show people around his stuff and explaining what a hypercomic is. Bobsy made him a 'Merl Head'. Then of course, everyone wants one.

New friends and old come to sit at the Altar of Merl and um, worship.

There is a slightly ropey moment when Reg adds rabbit ears to the Merl Head and there's a danger of sectarian violence. Luckily the spirit of brotherly love prevails.